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Namibia has two deserts within its borders, The Namib Desert and The Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari is possibly better known to be in Bostwana but the desert does spill over into eastern Namibia and covers a vast area.

The Kalahari is in fact, not a true desert in its purest sense as it receives too much rain but because of the sandy soil, it cannot retain the surface water. The Kalahari is covered with trees, ephemeral rivers and fossil watercourses along with luxuriant grasses in high rainfall years.

The true lure of the Kalahari is its eerie silence and solitude both because of its vast space and open grassland plains. The Kalahari is home to huge numbers of game and other animals that find the area, which is mostly empty of human infringement, a true wilderness. There are a few human settlements which are the Kalahari’s best-known inhabitants – The San Bushmen. This tribe, numbering only a few thousand are squeezed into inhospitable pieces of land and where they are sadly exploited as cheap farm labour. The Bushmen are now thought to be the last remnants of Southern Africa’s original inhabitants who occupied the whole sub-continent long before Balch and white settlers invaded their territories.

The Kalahari is also known for its animals and Meercats, rhinos and Cheetah roam these lands in good numbers, protected by its vast size and remoteness. Safaris in Namibia have several tours that include visits to this beautiful and special place. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.