Namib Nauklauft

Situated in the western part of the country and sandwiched between the Atlantic ocean and two deserts – Namib in the west and the Kalahari in the east – Namibia’s arid southern region offers breathtaking landscapes. The Namib-Naukluft Park is a vast wilderness of almost 50 000 square km. It contains features such as Sossusvlei, Sesriem, the Naukluft Mountains and the Kuiseb Canyon. It is one of the least populated areas in the country where you can experience an intense feeling of vastness and isolation. Here the magical and awe-inspiring beauty of the night skies can be enjoyed like few places on earth.

Sossusvlei, with its monumental dunes, is one of the top destinations in Namibia. The star-shaped dunes are a sought after topic for artists and photographers. Formed by strong multi-directional winds, they are at their highest and most spectacular where the west-flowing Tsauchab River empties itself into the vlei. The warm tints of the sand, ranging from apricot to orange, red and maroon, contrast vividly with the dazzling white surfaces of the deflationary clay pans at their bases. One of these, referred to as Dead Vlei, is a large ghostly expanse of dried white clay, punctuated by skeletons of ancient camel-thorn trees.