Located in the far north-west, the Kaokoveld is one of the relatively untouched regions in Namibia. The almost inaccessible area south of the Kunene River is home to the Himba ethnic group, who have kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of the Kaokoveld. It is a world of incredible mountain scenery, a refuge for the rare desert-dwelling elephant, black rhino and giraffe and the home of the Himba people. Although it is harsh and offers little respite at midday, the rugged landscape is especially attractive during the early morning and late afternoon when it is transformed into softly glowing pastel shades. The topography in the south of the area is characterized by rugged mountains which are dissected by numerous watercourses. Travelling through this region should only be done in the company of an experienced guide and in off-road vehicles. Routes are hardly signposted, corrugated and extremely stony or sandy. Spectacular sunsets and perennially flowing waters mean that the area offers much to see and experience.