Popularly Known as Mountain Nyiragongo is an active volcano in the Virunga massif of the Democratic Republic of Congo distinguished by its unique lava lake, it’s one of the Africa active volcanoes recorded and this feature has contributed part to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s tourism since its attracts huge numbers of adventure tourists from different countries of the World.

Besides the shy endangered ground-dwelling herbivorous Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park and Lowland Gorilla species in Kahuzi Biega National Park, Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano is another exciting and interesting attraction in the Democratic Republic of Congo which every traveller would wish to explore on go. This physical feature has played a great role as far as highlighting the Democratic Republic of Congo on the list of top amazing, experiential rewarding and attractive destinations to visit in the African continent while on your great discoverable African Safari vacation.

About DR Congo. This popularly known destination which hosts one of the top features to visit in the World “Democratic Republic of Congo” is geographically located in the Central part of the African continent and is bounded by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the East, South Sudan in the North East, Central African Republic in the North, Cameroon in the North West, Gabon and Congo brazerville in the West, Zambia in the South and Angola in the South West, it’s one of the largest countries in the African Continent ranked to be the second after Algeria.

Due to its wide range of Wildlife features recorded in its biodiversity and other physical features, it’s listed among the top destinations which contribute a big percentage to Africa’s Wildlife and boost Africa’s tourism in general since it’s even known to be among the top Gorilla hosting destinations in the World providing habitat to both species of Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas.

How to get there? Most travellers wish to Visit the Democratic Republic of Congo in the central part of Africa but keep on asking questions including how to reach there. And here is the best and most secure way of reaching the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the Democratic Republic of Congo is characterised by a poor air transport system, all visitors to this amazing destination land in nearby Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills” at Kigali international airport where they transfer from to the customs of Goma border where you cross from to the Suburbs of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Usually, it’s better you arrange all transportation services from Kigali airport up to the Goma border with a local tour operator like Safaris Congo although you can use a taxi this is considered to be inconvenient and not secure.

Reaching the customs of the Goma border you will be required to present three documents to be granted entry permission, these documents include a valid passport reading the name and photo of the person holding it, a valid yellow fever vaccination card and a tourist entry visa which costs a $100 USD per person, this is always applied for in advance of at least two weeks before your travelling dates such that its processed in time since a period of one week is taken for its procession, it’s usually more secure when you apply for this visa through a local tour operator.

Crossing borders from there, all transportation services are provided by the Virunga Foundation in partnership with your operator using their suitable 4×4 wheel drive Safari jeeps at affordable prices which you can rent in Rwanda from Kigali, transportation by Virunga Foundation is recommended to be more convenient, cost-saving and more secure than using found at the border transportation services.

About Mountain Nyiragongo. This is an active strata volcano in the Virunga Mountains; it’s located within the popularly known and Africa’s oldest National Park “Virunga National Park” in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s about 20 km north of Goma town and Lake Kivu but West of the Rwanda border, Nyiragongo is popularly known for its characterised Lava Lake comprising of two lava benches. The good view of this burning Lava is usually brought at night.

Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo is approximated at an elevation of 3470 m above sea level; it usually erupts in different years causing the heavy flow of Lava destroy the nearby towns like Goma and also leading to killing some people whole are residing near this feature. The first eruption of this active volcano took place in 1977 which destroyed nearby towns and killed some people, another eruption occurred in 2002 and the next eruption is unpredictable until it occurs.

Mountain Nyiragongo hiking. Usually, the hiking activity for Mountain Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo is done in two days including to and flow whereby the day is for hiking from the starting point which is in Kibati up to the top of the Volcano where you will spend a night for the clear night view of its burning Lava.

Usually, the journey is started at Kibati startatg point, a short briefatg about the journey is first conducted guiding you on how to do, what not to do and what to experience, after the briefing a guide is assigned plus armed officers to lead you through the journey up to the top, starting in the morning at 10:00 am by 4:00 pm in the evening you will be at the top, the hiking speed is maintained according to the group and usually stopovers are associated for resting and taking some water and snacks.

Reaching at the top you will rest a bit after a long distance of hiking, reserved shelters are at the top for visitors to spend their nights, at night you will be able to see a good view of this burning Lava and free to take a lot of photos using your camera. Food for supper is cooked by the provided chef at the top. Day two is for descending back from the top for other activities.

What’s required? A reasonable hiking fee of $300 USD is charged person, other requirements include Mikeno package which comprises food for cooking at the top, a chef, drinking water, snacks, cooking utensils and wearing gear like Waterproof jacket, this package costs $100 USD including transportation from Mikeno lodge up to the starting point, another thing is hiking stick which costs $5 USD per person. Porters are also available to carry your luggage from the starting point up to the top and then back at a cost of $24 USD per person.

What to Pack. When coming for Nyiragongo hiking in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you are advised to pack strong hiking shoes, gloves, head shocks, jumpers, waterproof jackets and bags, long-sleeved shirts and trouser, light clothes, sunglasses, nose capes, shocking plus insect repellents.

Safety precautions. It’s advised that while at the top do not tend to access restricted places, put on safety gear like Jackets, gloves, head shocks and more since this place is very cold, and do not try to struggle for any device which has fallen into the Lava lake like cameras, phones and more, it’s advised that you just ignore that and forget about it when accessing easing places like toilets at the top please follow the right procedure like touching on the rope as you are moving, otherwise, you will end up sliding into the stony areas.