Introduction to 4×4 Rental

On arrival at Johannesburg International Airport, you will be greeted by a Representative of Self Drive Africa Rentals.  They will be holding a sign clearly labelled and will have your name or the name of your party.

You will be driven back to our offices where you can make yourselves at home whilst we organise the packing of your vehicles with your luggage.  Once you have had a coffee you will then be given a thorough introduction to your vehicles including basic training on the equipment it contains.  Self Drive Africa Rentals prides itself on having the most comprehensively equipped vehicles for 4×4 Rental in Johannesburg.  If required you will be taken to the nearest grocery store to purchase your fresh produce.


Our 4×4 Hire Vehicles

We use the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 and Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 vehicles.  Both vehicles are supremely capable in the African environment and are backed up by the Toyota Dealer network.  They are primarily designed to carry 4 people but can squeeze 5 at a push.  Our 4×4 Hire vehicles are comprehensively equipped with everything you would need on a 4×4 Camping expedition including rooftop tents, bedding, tables, chairs, cutlery, solar showers, first aid kit, water, long-range fuel tanks and rescue packs.  All our vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and service plans.


Food & Groceries

Depending on where you are travelling and for how long you will need to purchase food and other groceries.  Meat is best bought from the towns along your route and fresh produce like eggs and vegetables can be bought in most villages.  All our 4×4 Rental vehicles are equipped with a fridge/freezer which is run from a separate battery system installed in the vehicle.  This is designed to run for +/- 3 days without charging but may vary depending on the ambient temperatures.  Every time you drive the vehicle the battery system is charging so will manage with most requirements.  Ice Cold drinks overlooking one of Africa’s many wilderness areas is a pleasure which has to be enjoyed.


4×4 Camping and Accommodation

There is a wide variety of accommodation available around Southern Africa that caters for all budgets.  When renting a 4×4 Camper from Self Drive Africa Rentals we provide a comprehensive route planning service and can also assist with the booking of your chosen accommodation.  Our vehicles are equipped with Roof Top Tents and are extremely comfortable with thick mattresses.  Many of the campsites we recommend have ablutions and are designed with camping in mind.  You will mostly have your own stand for privacy and will be completely independent if you wish. On occasion, you may want to bush camp where there are no facilities.  For these camps, you will carry a collapsible toilet seat for your comfort. Solar Showers are provided so you can enjoy that piping-hot shower to wash off the dust.

There may be occasions when you feel the need for a little pampering.  Many of the areas you will travel to also have luxury lodges.  Therefore if you are tired after a long day and feel the need for a little luxury, why not check in and be pampered?


Roads and Road Network

Southern Africa has an impressive road network that varies from world-class highways to back-breaking off-road tracks.  We plan your route to ensure that you spend the time you require in the wilderness.  It is important to note that most of Southern Africa drives on the left-hand side and overtakes on the right.  People, Wildlife and Domestic animals are scattered all around so careful and considerate driving will ensure you don’t have a mishap and ruin your holiday.  We recommend that you don’t drive on the roads after dark as this increases the chances of accidents.

You will more than likely experience some water crossings and where possible we recommend that you walk through and only use crossings where it is clearly visible that other vehicles have used recently.  When route planning try to avoid main roads and stick to tracks and river beds so that you can experience the remote wilderness.  Sometimes you may travel for days without seeing another vehicle and some days it could take all day just to travel 100km – but that is all part of the adventure!

Taking your time is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give our guests,  there is so much to see and experience that it would be wasteful to rush from one place to another as you will always miss the smaller things that nature presents.

Namibia's wide open spaces

Namibia’s wide open spaces


Many areas you travel to will have the opportunity for extra activities.  Whether you want to board down the dunes in Namibia or sit on the edge of Victoria Falls, walk with lions in Zimbabwe or run with the Khoi San in Central Kalahari there is an adventure waiting for you.

The Landcruiser ready to Rock n Roll at Elephant Sands

The Landcruiser ready to Rock n Roll at Elephant Sands

Safety and Security

Your Safety and Security is our prime concern.  All our vehicles are equipped with live GPS tracking so we can see where you are in case of emergency and can despatch help when needed.  We also rent out Satellite Phones so that you can stay in touch with loved ones on your longer trips.  Each vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit for your peace of mind.

Self Drive Africa Rentals would like to welcome you to our beautiful continent and will provide you with an experience to remember.  4×4 Rental for the discerning traveller.