Botswana Safaris are a lot different from the ones I remember hearing about. The term, though, is very familiar, don’t you think? It’s funny how certain words or places bring up certain images in our minds. I’ve been trying to decide which safaris in Africa I should go on (I want to go on all of them!) and now I think that the first one should be a Botswana safari. Why? Well, because most of my mental images of African safaris come from old books and movies and some of those are pretty terrible, as they were written/made during colonial times. I want to go on a safari in Botswana to replace those images with the real countryside, the real wildlife and, most importantly, the real people of Botswana. I would, if I could, take video and post it all over the place, too, because no one should miss out on such a beautiful place.”

Travelling by Foot, “I think we will have a chance to trek the Botswana safaris by foot and I am so excited! There’s no greater thrill than the exhilaration of being vulnerable in the animal kingdom! It’s like you’re in someone else’s world now and you get to open your eyes to all these new things. Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who got to travel more often. However, my job needs me to stay put. The money makes up for the mundaneness of it all though. I know that I want to go to a different place in the world every year. It will be exciting to see what can come out of it when I am finally done travelling. I am expecting there to be tons of pictures that I can look forward to! I really should start putting them into scrapbooks like I said that I would, but the travels have really taken my time away.

The Ever So Thrilling Botswana Safaris and Botswana safaris are the best deals to go for if you are looking for a tour that is filled with action, excitement and adventure that is packed with ecstatic presentation. This is very true for the fact that Botswana is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world and it can be a great exploring land for finding wildlife. The natural charming beauty of Botswana is found in the lovely landscapes, rough terrains, and great wildlife. Botswana safaris give travellers very different experiences in the most natural surroundings. There is a wildlife safari filled with teeming wildlife to feast your eyes on. If you want to see rare creatures, then Kenana Mokoro offers some of the rarest creatures on the planet which amuses any visitor. Walking safaris are never tiring but a fun-filled experience with great waters to enjoy. Victoria Falls is one of the centres of world attractions that can be seen on Botswana safaris and also there are great African elephants to watch.