If you want the adventure of a lifetime you might consider a safari in the beautiful, wildlife-rich, country of Malawi. Malawi Safaris take you from the commonplace to the extraordinary with an exotic blend of zebra, antelope, lion, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros. Every Malawi Safari tour is designed to show off the animal life and terrain of the country of Malawi and even the continent that it resides in, which is the continent of Africa. With many natural parks, Malawi is an excellent African destination for embarking on a safari. Some of the safaris include trekking up mountains, touring the Likhubala Forest, experiencing the people or kayaking along on Lake Malawi, perhaps all the way to the island of Likoma. Those who visit the lake may also enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling as part of their safari adventure. Many safaris let you stay in secluded lodgings along the way. Malawi is actually a tiny country, but the safari adventures it offers are multi-fold.”

Visit Wild Malawi, “In today’s fast-paced world it is almost impossible to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. Taking a vacation is one way to let go of the worries of everyday life and have a wonderful adventure. Nothing screams adventure more than an African safari. Tiny Malawi is a peaceful country located in the interior of Africa. It has breathtaking scenery, untamed wilderness, and abundant wildlife. It is an ideal place to go on vacation. Many different types of Malawi safaris are available. There are standard touring safaris of Malawi’s nine national parks, as well as safaris with water sports on Lake Malawi, and hiking adventures. It is very possible to see lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and rhinos while on safari. What could be more thrilling? Another huge advantage of visiting Malawi is getting to meet wonderful people. The Malawian people are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. Since the government is relatively stable Malawi is considered a safe place to travel. If you have always wanted to have a wild African adventure then Malawi is the place to go.”