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Namibia Safaris – Africa Adventure Holidays and Tours


Namibia is a land of exquisite and beautiful adventure holidays. Namibia Safaris take you were a harsh and unforgiving environment forged in a landscape of breathtaking vistas with unusual and yet abundant wildlife. The Namibians proud of their unique heritage, welcome Travellers to experience their cultural diversity. Namibia will amaze you with its enormous wilderness areas, which offer perfect solitude, unforgettable scenery and an opportunity to invigorate your so.


The Caprivi is a narrow strip of land in the far northeast of Namibia, about 400 kilometres long. This unusual piece of colonial border demarcation was created by an agreement between the British and German governments, allowing Namibia access to the Zambezi River and supposed trade routes to east Africa.
One of the scenic highlights of the Caprivi is the Popa Falls – actually rapids rather than waterfalls, in the Kavango River which becomes the Okavango Delta. The abundance of water in the Caprivi sustains a large variety of animal and bird species. The wildlife is protected in the Bwabwata, Mudumu, Lizauli & Mamili reserves. There are no fences, so the animals can roam freely across the borders of the neighbouring countries of Botswana and Zambia. Especially numerous are the elephants which roam freely through this remote and beautiful region


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